– Anxiety attacks are the worst kind of attacks which many people suffer in this era. This can happen to anyone but the most likely cause of anxiety attack is stress and constant fear of something which keeps you busy thinking about it and then you feel stressed which is the major cause of anxiety attacks.

 – The fear is also the reason people suffer from anxiety. Most people are afraid of their future and they keep worrying about it but it causes nothing but anxiety which makes you more stressed, and the anxiety starts increasing.

– One of the causes of anxiety attacks is dehydration. Yes, drinking water saves you from many diseases out of which one is an anxiety attack. The ratio of anxiety attacks in the people is more in people with dehydration when compared to the people who stay hydrated.


– When anxiety attacks, most of the people feel nauseous and when it gets severe, the nausea increases and it keeps getting worst if you are constantly stressing about something.

– If nausea gets severe, there are chances that you start vomiting which might cause pain in your abdomen.- Moreover, with anxiety, many people get a headache which lowers your blood pressure and you feel like sleeping all the time.- Another threat of anxiety attack is that when you are anxious and nauseous, negative thoughts keep coming to your mind and they do not leave until you are healthy again.


– Anxiety leaves at its time but some things might help you with curing anxiety and one of them is staying hydrated. Drink water as much as you can and eating watermelon would also help to cure anxiety. Link here will help you to deal your mental health and they can give a great results.

– Another cure for anxiety is eating. Eating might make you feel nauseous for the time being but gradually it gets fine. Not eating anything would not work because hunger increases nausea so it is better to eat something rather than staying hungry all the time.

However, sometimes after trying all the things, people cannot get rid of anxiety attacks even after trying everything. This is where you need anxiety counselling at Perth which will help you with your thoughts and you will get rid of anxiety very soon. If you are looking for one of the best and experienced anxiety counsellor then you have come to the right place.

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